Why Feeling Like Shit Isn’t Really Such a Bad Thing, and How It Can Actually Be a Major Positive for Your Self Improvement

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You know those days where you wake up and you feel like your dog will probably accomplish more of substance than you will?

Or maybe it’s worse — You might feel morbidly depressed out of nowhere, like your favorite gerbil just died (even though it’s still very much alive), or you might feel anxious almost to the point of panic, like I did the other morning.

Barring any untimely gerbil deaths, though, who knows why we feel the way we do? Our emotions are too complex to pin on any one thing usually—diet, stress, whatever.

But two things are for sure:

We hate starting the day feeling like we’re screwed,

And sometimes it’s really, really good for us to wake up feeling that way.

Now despite the many pairs of tight leather pants in my closet, I am not a sadist, – and I genuinely wish that you would wake up feeling pumped AF every day. But no matter how well you eat or how positive a person you are generally, that’s just not going to happen. – You’re going to feel like death biscuits occasionally.

So I want you to see that there is a silver lining in those dreadful mornings, and I want you to realize how they can help you to become a crazy inspired and successful person all of the time. I’ll of course be illustrating this with the story I know best.

Note: I’ve had gut issues on and off for pretty much my whole life, and was always prone to anxiety—even as a five year old. Feeling bad is part of my constitution, more so than most people, so I’ve just learned how to deal with it and find happiness anyway. Which is what I’m about to share with you.

Learning how to reverse negative mindsets

The reason I didn’t start self improvement until later in life, was because I thought it was impossible to change my dank (not the ‘dank-ass weed’ dank), disgusting moods. So I distracted myself with facebook, emails, texts and any other low-value thing you can think of, just to get by; – and the result of this unconscious lifestyle was that I went nowhere preh-tty quick.

But in my mid-twenties, when I finally realized that I didn’t have a choice but to get control of my mind, if I wanted to be happy and successful that is, I challenged myself to reverse those effed-up mindsets no matter how much effort it took, which was a lot, and still is, sometimes.

This led to a remarkable turnaround in my disposition—I became a positive and inspiring person to be around for the first time in my life; and I also found rapid success in my new writing career.

Other people can feel just fine with an ‘eh’ kinda mood, and not feel like it’s a life or death thing to get their mind focused on the right stuff; so they go an and have ‘meh’ kinds of days, without much change or much progress, and they wake up feeling meh the next day. I, on the other hand, felt so unacceptably bad, so anxious, and so depressed that I a l w a y s had motivation to get control of my thoughts, which helped me stay hardcore focused and upbeat all day so I could get. shit. donnnnne. If I didn’t, I’d feel like leftover dick meat; so the choice was pretty easy. And the harder I fought for the right mindset, the longer it lasted, and the more it benefited me.

Yesterday morning was a perfect example of this.

I don’t EVER remember waking up feeling so bad or so low in all of my life.

Even though I was calming myself down on a morning walk, saying, it’s okay to feel this way, not a big deal, you’re going to get through it; every two steps I felt like I was just going to succumb to sheer panic. Not fun. I thought for sure I was going to freak out and have a really, really bad day. I wanted to run away from my life.

But after the worst of my feelings happened, and I realized that I was actually on the brink of a full on panic attack, I said to myself out loud,

“Danny. Get your shit together. It’s time to take control of your thoughts and stop being a little bitch—(calling myself a bitch was for humor, and to get me to snap out of it, which was pretty effective). You’re okay, this instant. And you’re going to get through this. So you might as well be happy.”

I immediately felt more self-control, and the panic feeling disappeared entirely.

Now that I had a little presence of mind, I realized that I could pray for friends and family like I normally do, even thought I still was feeling like ass, technically. And through prayer, and asking for the things I needed to make today amazing, I cracked into the inspired, uplifted mindset that everyone wants – because I worked for it. And this inspired mindset happened even though I can’t remember ever feeling worse than I did just twenty minutes before.

I went on to have the most productive day of a super productive year, so far, feeling extremes of connectedness and gratitude; and the whole day I felt so empowered and so proud of myself that I was disciplined and overcome that crazy monkey mind I had earlier in the day. Life couldn’t have been better.

And when I thought of what might have been, if I didn’t take control of my thoughts, if I didn’t stick with my prayer routine, if I didn’t fight for an inspired attitude, I felt even better.

I still hate those upside-down days when they happen, don’t get me wrong. They suck. – I don’t ever want them to happen. But when they do happen, and when I triumph over them, they remind me that I ALWAYS need to be that diligent about taking control of my morning thoughts and making them inspired, no matter if I feel bad, ‘bleh’, or even sanguine, – which is what makes a person truly successful and happy.


So, like I said, I want you to have dank-ass days (like weed, now) and inspired mornings too. Nothing wrong with those.

But when the dark clouds come, which they will, and you find yourself muttering, ‘what the fuck am I going to do?!’ more than usual, put your game face on. Because when you obliterate that cloudy mind, which you can!!! and when you have an even more awesome and inspired day than you otherwise would have because of your discipline and maturity, – then you’re going to be pretty much unstoppable. And you’ll feel like that all time time. And you’ll get in the habit of earnestly cultivating the correct mindset every day, and striving for success and happiness in everything you do.

Prayer is a super important part of changing your mindset, and gratitude is, too.

I recommend starting out your day with at least five minutes of each; and if you want real results, pray and practice gratitude until you have the inspired mindset that you want. You can do that every day, if you have a mind to. And don’t forget to talk to yourself, either. Simply saying to yourself, ‘Snap out of it, buddy! – or bitch, if you’re kinda crazy like me, – will remind you that you’re in control of your thoughts and that you have a choice.

So cheers to the occasional dark cloud!

Written by Daniel Dowling
I went from being a highschool and college dropout to writing for the world's best publications in two short years. I owe ALL my success to habits like mindfulness and journaling. - So I built Millennial Success to share those incredible habits with you!