The Y-Planner

I’ve created the Y-planner to help you love your life again. 

Along with recurring daily habits for meditation, journaling, limiting technology, self-encouragement, the Y-planner includes slots for up to eight custom goals, as well as spaces for learning, creativity, and tackling a procrastination. These are all the things you need to feel on top of your game and in love with life.

Here’s what it looks like:


With the Y-planner, we’ve made your best day (and week, and month, and year!) easy

Each day, all you have to do is plan the top five to eight tasks that bring you closer to your goals for happiness and welath. To make that easier, we’ve crafted simple weekly and monthly planning pages that identify your top bigger-picture goals–many of which are pulled from your custom yearly goals questionnaire.

You refer to these weekly and monthly pages every morning when you plan your new day. That way you’re always connected to your greater purpose, and you’re never left feeling hopeless or without direction.





Your life with the Y-Planner

Every day you use the Y-planner, you will be connected to the long-range goals that, with consistent effort, will make your dreams a reality. You’ll never have to be stuck worrying about your next move, or how you should fill your mornings, or your afternoons, or your weekends, because you’ll have a plan.

That’s a big promise. But the Y-planner is so simple and effective that, if you use it every day, your results are guaranteed. No one can stop you but you.

So purchase our Y-planner. Learn the art of good living. Make each day better than the last. Put forth your best effort every day that ends in Y. And be confident in finally knowing that you are doing everything you need to be happy, healthy, and wealthy. Which is what we all really want.

Pre-order your yearlong hard-copy planner by sending me an email through this link. It’s $100 dollars before shipping. Please include your paypal email address and your physical address.

Written by Daniel Dowling
Hi! I'm Dan, founder of Millennial Success. When I'm not getting six-packed--that's "hit in the face" in beach volleyball--or reading Jane Austen's novels for the fifth time, I'm helping people make every day a breakthrough as a writer and coach.