The One Intention That Will Silently Transform Your Relationships and Life

“Help me to see and bring out the best in every person I meet.”

This one prayer and intention has done more for me, my relationships, and my happiness than anything else I can think of.

Want to know why?

When I start my day earnestly intending to be a difference maker to others, then no matter how weak I feel, or what sh*t I’m going through, I always seem to be exactly what other people need.

And when I can make a positive difference to someone else in my lowest times…

That gives me a new level of strength to do my best, and a renewed sense of conviction in my purpose. — It gives me faith.

Last week for instance,

The world seemed to be collapsing on top of me.

Anything that could go wrong, did–in my coaching business, for writing clients. My mind and heart were burdened far past what I thought I was capable of dealing with. (It was one of those, ‘bawl like a baby for ten minutes even though you’re a 29 y/o man’ kind of weeks.)

And I questioned myself:

Am I meant to be a coach? Should I continue writing? WTHeck is going on with my liiife?!?!

These were the dramatic questions racing through my mind on my morning walk. I felt like spontaneously combusting.

But halfway through my normal route, I saw a head peek over some bushes where the sidewalk meets the arroyo’s dirt path not far from my home. – It was my friend, Jamie. And Jamie looked rougher than I’d ever seen him.

My problems disappeared instantaneously. I made sure to greet Jamie with all the energy and enthusiasm I had, – the force of which surprised both him and me; and I asked him what was going on. –Lotsa things: family members getting sick, people actin’ cray. No wonder he looked like a basset hound.

I could tell Jamie needed some inspiration as much as anyone else.

So after I sincerely listened to him, and when he asked me what I was up to, I put my, “I wanna dig a hole and die” thoughts aside, and I told him about all the good things that were going on–which there were many:

• I was writing at the highest level I’d ever written, and was learning more about my craft than ever.
• I was the fittest I’d ever been.
• And my prayer life was at its strongest, despite there being several not-so-great things going on.

I finished our conversation by telling him that I was completely dependent on my morning prayer walks for my attitude in these tough times; and that when I went out into the arroyo determined to connect with God and to create an inspired attitude, I NEVER had a bad day. I told him that he could do the same.

And Jamie said,

“Man…I always seem to run into you exactly when I need to. (His face and mood had turned into sunshine, as the actual sun peeped out of the clouds.) I needed this today…thank you so much Daniel.”

I told him I needed it too. And I wasn’t lying.

After we parted and I had made it another half mile down the dirt path, I realized how diametric my thoughts and feelings were just then, compared to before I’d run into Jamie. If I could be such a big difference maker in what felt like my lowest time, then I was positively unlimited as to what I could accomplish today. So I allowed myself to feel all the joy and hope I’d been longing for.

And I went on to be my most inspired and productive self for that day. Which I doubt would’ve happened if I hadn’t first brought out the best in Jamie.

Later that week a similar thing happened when I ran into a friend named Maysea at the park near my house.

To me, it was just another conversation: I made her laugh and and encouraged her, listened attentively about what was going on in her life, and just enjoyed the ten-minute conversation. But after our talk, Maysea text me this message:

“I just wanted to let you know that you always bring me up…every time I see you. And I appreciate it so much. Just wanted to thank you for that.”

And again, seeing that positive feedback from my influence gave me a boost that I needed every bit as much as Maysea. I was still technically going through hell; so this was another reminder to keep pushing.

If I could make a difference to someone else in my trials…I knew I had strength enough to get through my sh*t. And you’ll realize that too, – but only when you set the intention to shine brightly for the people who need you.

Always aim for inspiration, no matter how you feel or what your job is

I’m a coach. It’s easy for me to want to be the most encouraging and uplifting person I can, because I make a living through those attitudes. – The more positive I am, the more clients I get.

But even if I were an IT specialist, or a CPA, or a trainer of silverback gorillas, I would still hold fast to my same morning intention:

‘God, help me to see and bring out the best in every person I meet today. Please help me to be the inspiration.’

Because as much as I’ve profited in my career through this uplifting mindset, I’ve gained far more in my personal relationships and happiness.

From the sleazy and moochy douchebag I use to be, I’ve metamorphosed into an uplifter and a difference maker for my closest friends and family, – and for my audience, too. I can’t put a price on that. My life has meaning where I used to feel worthless.

Whenever I chat with my friends, they say, “I love how you always answer the phone like I’m a celebrity.” Because I answer the phone as if they were a celebrity–with as much energy and enthusiasm as I have. And that positive, earnest attitude has resulted in more friendships, more intimate friendships, and more growth within these friendships than I could have imagined five years ago as a lonely and depressed young man. That connects back to my morning prayer.

If I find myself struggling, like last week, I don’t feel like I have to bear my suffering in isolation, like I used to, – which severely stunted my growth; but I’m so confident in the value I share and the positivity I bring to my relationships that I’m not afraid to rely on friends and family when I need them. I know how good it feels to be a source of inspiration and strength to others when they need me, so I don’t deny my friends the opportunity to be strong when I’m in need.

And again, this stems from my daily intention: to see and bring out the best in every person I meet.

So imagine how much different your life would be if you adopted that same intention.

How much more inspired would you be to get off your a$$ and do something great with your life if you knew that other people depended on that inspiration to do great things themselves?

How much happier and fulfilled would you be if you knew beyond doubt that you were necessary today, and that your impact could give someone hope and faith where they would otherwise have none?

How much closer would you feel to your friends and loved ones, if you entered every conversation primed to inspire and uplift?

How much stronger would you be if you were capable of deriving the greatest strength in even your weakest moments?

You’ll know these answers through direct experience if you adopt the prayer, lifestyle, and intention that has done so much for me.

God Bless you and shine brightly through you today, and all of this week!



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Written by Daniel Dowling
I went from being a highschool and college dropout to writing for the world's best publications in two short years. I owe ALL my success to habits like mindfulness and journaling. - So I built Millennial Success to share those incredible habits with you!