The Key to Quitting Masturbation Is Self Improvement

Whether you want to improve your relationships, be more confident, or stop wasting your time and energy, people want to quit masturbating for several reasons—both religious and non-religious. But the main reason behind every  attempt to quit masturbation is self improvement:

We just want to make life better.

Thing is, most of us forget the reason we quit masturbating in the middle of our goal. Instead of quitting masturbation to improve our selves and make life awesome again, the goal simply becomes to not masturbate…which is really boring and pointless. So of course we relapse and feel like shit.

When we forget the reasons that drive us to quit masturbating in the first place, and we’re not experiencing the longterm reward of personal growth, the temptation of a quick orgasm always overpowers our wills.

The only way to stay strong in a fap-free commitment is to feel and experience constant growth in self improvement. Which means you need goals. And a plan.

Why you need a self-improvement plan to successfully quit masturbation

If you’ve read my article on building an effective quit strategy, you know how important my self improvement goals were to successfully quit masturbating. Not only did I outline every trigger and excuse that caused me to falter and create a strategy against them, but I drafted a complete list of self improvement activities and goals that would enhance my career and improve my character, mind and body on a daily basis.

I created a mission statement to read aloud each morning that declared my commitment to bettering myself. And referring to my list of self improvement goals, I made checkboxes in a daily planner for the actions that would make me the best human being I could possibly be that day—learning a language, exercising and improving my body, writing, reading, listening to podcasts, and generally being consistent in the things I really wanted.

Doing this every day, and reflecting on how much ass I kicked every night, I fully felt just how much I was growing as a person. And that feeling of self improvement kept me strong where I had been weak.

I’d never been consistent in learning French before, and then all of a sudden I was able to carry on basic conversations because I was practicing almost every day. I’d lost my article-per-day habit over the years, but then I’d built up a two month streak and was writing the best articles of my life! And where I’d never had a six-pack before, and had always craved more definition and bulk, after three months of consistent pushups and pullups I finally got the physique I’d always wanted—my friends and family were asking if I’d been lifting weights.

These incredible results happened not just because I quit masturbating, but because I also committed to self-improvement like never before. More important than the end results, though, it was the daily accomplishments and feeling like I was kicking ass and growing as a person that helped me hold fast to my fap-free goals.

The commitment to self improvement created a positive conversation with myself that made me even more successful at quitting masturbation

I’d get done with an energizing set of sprints and pullups and feel so good about myself and my progress that I’d think,
“Ahhh, I feel absolutely incredible. This is why I’m not masturbating!”

And when I felt so proud of myself and so empowered for learning a new language, I’d think,
“This is why I’m not masturbating. I wouldn’t be doing this if I were still playing with myself.”

And when I’d end the day having written a couple high-quality articles and made some good money, I’d say to myself,
“This is too good…I’ll never masturbate again as long as I live!!!”

I carried on similar dialogues in my head all day and every day that I followed through with my self improvement plans. So where I had failed in my previous fap-free attempts, now I was only getting stronger and stronger.

In the past I’d never been able to go more than a month or two without relapse because I didn’t have the confidence, achievements or quality of life to keep me from caving in. But when I finally experienced the success I’d been craving and the self-esteem I’d needed–and could connect all that awesomeness to not masturbating–I’d silently say to myself that I’d never masturbate again. And I said it to myself all day. And that kept me committed like never before.


Alongside my strategy to avoid triggers for relapsing, my commitment to self improvement is the reason why I’ve been successful at quitting masturbation. I feel so good about the person I’ve become and what I’ve accomplished in the past year that I can’t imagine myself ever masturbating again for any reason. I’d pay ten thousand bucks for the results I’ve gotten.

But you don’t have to pay a penny.

All you have to do is complete this quit strategy for masturbation today.

In this step-by-step guide, you will come up with self improvement plan that, if you stick with it daily, will give you the rewards of personal growth and confidence and achievement that keep you strong and locked in to your fap-free commitment for the rest of your life.

If it worked for me—and I struggled for years!!!—it will work for you. And to make sure it works, you can sign up for a coaching package with me. 

Last thing: 

If you do nothing else, though I encourage you to complete the full quit strategy, just get a blank-paged journal and start writing out your most important self improvement goals for the day. Define the top goals  for learning, work, and fitness that would give you an inspired life if you did them every day. Then do them! (And someone to keep you accountable!)

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about the process. And if you can’t wait any longer for results, and you want guaranteed results, consider one-on-one coaching with me. 

Written by Daniel Dowling
I went from being a highschool and college dropout to writing for the world's best publications in two short years. I owe ALL my success to habits like mindfulness and journaling. - So I built Millennial Success to share those incredible habits with you!