Parents of millennials

Don’t know whether you’re helping or hurting your at-home adult millennial child? I’ll help you end your frustration with these fail-safe strategies:

Define goals–Goals are the all-important factor for millennial independence. I help you and your child work towards goals for employment, independence, health, and happiness. I’ll also help you define timelines and devise schedules to ensure your child is independent within a year.

Set expectations–Your child isn’t still at home because he’s fundamentally deficient. It’s his habits. I help you define and eliminate the non-productive, confidence-draining habits that are keeping your child from independence: like TV, video games, pornography, and social media. Then I guide you in setting new standards for successful habits, like affirmations, journaling, exercise, goal-planning, studying, and working. Simple.

Accountability–Following through with such a life-altering plan is hard. That’s why we check in as many times as necessary to keep you accountable in upholding your new standards. We help you brainstorm strategies to fix what isn’t working, and to take your positive results to the next level.

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The end result?

Your child will develop the skills and self esteem to not only be independent, but to thrive. And not only will you reclaim your house and sanity, but you yourself will be challenged to become the best possible version of yourself in every aspect of your life. You and your child’s coaching program will be centered on:

  • Career Goals
  • Health/Fitness Goals
  • Relationships Goals
  • Happiness Goals, and
  • Spirituality Goals.

The program is holistic for maximum results. It’s also intense–both you and your child’s comfort zones will be challenged on a daily basis; your new routines will be focused 100% on growth-related habits and activities.

Making the change is difficult–but with Daniel, it’s a certainty. He used the exact same strategies to create a successful career as a writer and editor after years of sleeping on his mother’s couch. Read our ebook to learn more.

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