Our Mission

I’m Dan, founder of MillennialSuccess. This is my mission:

  • To help you succeed in your career and relationships
  • To share with you the beliefs, tools, and habits that gave me independence after years of living with my parents
  • And to challenge your ideas about human nature and sexuality.

About me

By 24 my life was a series of broken hearts and shitty jobs. After my last big breakup in 2012, and after almost losing my mind, I thought if I hadn’t figured it out by now then I never would. I was almost a quarter century old–still living on my mom’s couch–dropped out of college–and arguing with my little sister over who’d clean up dog crap that week.

That’s when I got into self improvement.

I realized I’d dumped most of my energy into toxic relationships, porn, and masturbation–and it made my life completely average! If I could eliminate those habits, and channel my sexual desire into growing as a man and writer…maybe I could be something better. Maybe I could make a difference.

Three years later, I’m a writer for many of the world’s top-ranked websites–including Fast Company Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and MindBodyGreen. I’m a journalist in my hometown of ABQ, and I coach others to become independent through their passions.

That’s a pretty big turnaround for a chronic failure-to-launch, like I was. But it’s only logical: I quit doing the low-value activities that made me live for the short term, and I focused on contributing my talents to a bigger picture. Simple. It only took me a year to turn it all around.

If you’re into simple, and if you’re into making every week a breakthrough week, this is your site.

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