Our Mission

Millennial Success exists for you–the solopreneur.

You’re young, talented and creative, and you’re done wasting your life working for other people. You want the freedom of working your own hours. You want to be in charge of how much you earn. And most importantly, you want to do what you’re passionate about–what gives you purpose.

But you don’t know where to start. And if you have started, you haven’t achieved the success you’ve envisioned.

That’s what we’re here for.

Our mission is to help you succeed in the new economy by creating a profitable business owned and operated by you–whether that’s as a writer, graphic designer, marketer, coder, or any other value-based service. We’re helping you design a lifestyle of proaction, reflection and discipline that leads to dramatic results in your solopreneur business and personal life. And we’re giving you the tools and guidance you need to find balance and happiness through it all.

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Millennial Success was founded in 2016 by Daniel Dowling.

Dan started his solopreneur writing career after pretty much everyone had given up on him — he was one of the ‘lost millennial’ types who just couldn’t keep out of horrible relationships or hold down a job. But within two years he was featured on world’s biggest sites, making a dollar-and-up per word for international companies and coaching Ivy League grads and Inc 500 executives on how to massively improve their lives.

This dramatic transformation occurred because Dan made some massive lifestyle changes:

  • He eliminated his biggest distractions like Facebook and constant email/text checks
  • He gave up relationships and focused on being happy and successful through his passion
  • He started reflecting on his life through meditation and journaling
  • He committed to an inspired morning routine and constant self-encouragement
  • And he began planning for his best efforts on a daily basis.

In August of 2016, Dan created MillennialSuccess to give solopreneurs the tools and guidance he wished he had when he started his journey.