Our Mission

Hi! I’m Dan Dowling, founder, writer for Entrepreneur Magazine and Fast Company, coach, and future AVP beach volleyball player. (Everyone has dreams right?)

I created Millennial Success for three reasons:

  1. to teach you how to become an expert planner
  2. to permanently increase your confidence, and
  3. to eliminate your distractions.

These are the success factors that will help you accomplish actual, factual goals.

Because goals don’t happen in a vacuum. They need you to plan them out each morning; they need you to be confident enough to tackle them; and they need you to be completely undistracted. Otherwise your time will be sucked up by things that have nothing to do with your dreams: Facebook, Instagram, emails/texts, etc.

Makes sense, right?

So pretty much everything you read here will fall into these categories: 

Planning, Confidence, and Eliminating Distractions. 

It’s really focused, I know. But that’s what separates Millennial Success from every other website. We have a plan for your success. It’s simple. It works. And we’re giving it away for free.
You in?

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