It’s no secret:

Millennials have problems.

We have a ton of positive qualities,

Like being tech-savvy, altruistic and well-educated.

But for all the ass we do kick, we are more


than any other generation. Ever. Period.

And the craziest part is that the amazing technology that’s helping us advance at such a rapid pace is also paradoxically holding us back!!! (to the frustration both of millennials and their employers.)

I know better than most.

This is Dan Dowling, btw — founder of Millennial Success.

And if you asked my school teachers who was the most likely to succeed in my class, they would’ve pointed to me.

I’m not saying this to gloat. But I was naturally gifted: I read and wrote at a college level by first grade.

So why was it that I found myself sleeping on my Mom’s red leather sofa with no job and no prospects at age twenty four when I could’ve graduated college by age 18?


Despite having exceptional abilities, my attention-span and focus had been reduced to that of a gnat through unrestricted technology use. (Which I thought was ‘normal life.’

I checked Facebook email and texts first thing in the morning,

all throughout the day,

and right up to the point of hypnogogia.

(Seriously — I spent over eight hours a day on my phone, accomplishing zilch.)

If I was bored, I checked my phone. If I was anxious, I soothed myself with social media. And if I didn’t know what to do, I always found occupation in pin-balling from one distraction to the next — phone, articles, email, texts: repeat.

This lifestyle led to what I call the ‘distraction reaction’ — which many millennials are trapped in today.

I distracted myself because I wasn’t directing myself towards a purpose.

Since I spent all my time being unfocused and unproductive, my confidence shriveled and shrank.

And because I had zero accomplishments and no confidence, I was in too low of an emotional state to even attempt worthy goals. – Let alone find success. So I continued distracting myself.

And distracting myself.

And distracting myself.

I was unusual in that I was so extremely distracted that I couldn’t support myself or hold down a job.

But after un-distracting myself, finding success as a writer, and helping others to succeed as a coach and a consultant for employers of millennials,

I’ve learned that most people aren’t far off from where I was.

Some of my outwardly successful clients spent up to eight hours a day on ONE SINGLE APP. (They had money coming in, but they weren’t progressing in their career, and they weren’t happy.)

Many of the millennial employees I’ve helped felt so chained to their phones that they had anxiety if they didn’t check it every ten minutes.

And even the employers who complained about their millennials were caught in the same cycle!!!

Okay, so now you’re wondering…

How did I go from ‘Millennial Couchsurfer’ to an award winning writer for major publications and a successful consultant and coach?

I ended up reaching my threshold for being unsuccessful at twenty four.

After that point, I was so disgusted with my emotional state and lack of fortune and contribution that I picked a career (writing),

and I determined myself to be successful in it.

Once I committed to writing daily and progressing, I saw just how embarrassingly distracted my life had become — and how much things like Facebook and constant text-checking were holding me back.

So when I realized that I had an option,

Be distracted,

Or be successful,

I chose to undistract myself.

I went on my first social media fasts, ranging from weeks to months and years.

Then I restricted my email/text communications until after I had accomplished several hours of real work, – engendering a proactive mindset, – and I limited my messaging to three brief time periods for the day.

I also picked up habits like meditation and journaling that healed my brain, that restored my focus, and that boosted my optimism.

And I became obsessed with planning for and reaching new heights in my career, in my health and wellness journey, and in my personal life.

Once I got published on incredible sites like Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, and MindBodyGreen,

People started coming to me for professional advice on helping them reach the quality of life and productivity that I talked about in my articles.

So I taught them the undistracted lifestyle.

And after so many success stories,

— people overcoming anxiety and depression, getting promotions, healing their relationships, etc. —

I created Millennial Success.

I created Millennial Success so I could share the undistracted lifestyle with Millennials and their employers en masse.

And I sincerely hope you get all the value from it that you need today and in the weeks, months and years to come.

If you’re interested in seeing how I can undistract your Millennial workforce — and teach your employees how to be goal-oriented and purpose-driven, — click here.

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And more than anything else,

Thanks for visiting Millennial Success!!!