“I can’t believe I’m saying this…but I’m actually looking forward to Monday more than Friday.” –quote from my coaching client, Julia C.

This journalist couldn’t stand the thought of going to work when she came to me. But after just two weeks of my coaching, she caught inspiration for her job:

“I’d been waking up feeling so bad about not wanting to go to work. Normally I would’ve just complained to myself, but through Dan’s training I asked the question—why? And it was because I’d been silently judging all of my coworkers and bosses.

So I decided to drop my judgment. Instead of griping, I feel grateful for my coworkers. I ask myself what would be the most useful thoughts. And I acknowledge that, just like me, they’re doing the best they can. I’ve been much more helpful to my coworkers lately, and have been offering assistance instead of judgment. I’m actually loving my job again.”

How could such a disgruntled employee have such a dramatic turnaround?

Self Improvement is the answer to your organizational problems

With a few basic success routines, I went from a couch-surfing millennial to a successful writer and entrepreneur. That was four years ago. Today I transform lives around the globe with these techniques in my coaching business.

I will help your employees:
  • eliminate low-value, distracting habits
  • devise success rituals that improve their confidence, presence, and productivity at work
  • and become experts at goal setting and problem solving.
With my corporate coaching, your workers will find ownership and success both in and out of the office. Your workforce communication and productivity issues will be resolved in just three short months. And the best part? Your company will be responsible for the dramatically improved lives of your employees. Talk about a perk.

Here’s what I offer:

  • Individual coaching: 5-100 employees
  • And executive consulting

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