Millennial Employers

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Your millennial problems aren’t going away. The high attrition rates and job-hopping are symptoms of unmet needs–needs we’ll help your company satisfy.

How we help:

Technology: Millennials aren’t made for the 9-5; they need freedom to stay committed. We set up remote management systems and educate you and your employees on responsible flex-hours technology. You get more productivity. They get more freedom.

Motivation: We identify passion points in your millennial workers and pair each employee with meaningful projects that satisfy their creative needs. We also help you establish new schedules that are more appealing to the millennial lifestyle.

Education/coaching:  Our mindfulness and goal-planning instruction teaches millennials the habits they need to be 100% focused at work. We’ll also help them develop personal goals to balance out their worklife and to prevent them from burning out on your dime.

Consulting: We hold a brainstorming session with you executive team to see exactly where you’re losing millennials. Then we help you implement the smartest solutions.

Why we’re qualified

The founders of Millennial Success have worked remotely with the largest companies in America. At 27 and 25, Dan and Hannah are masters in their fields and experts on the millennial mindset. Our work has been featured in top millennial and entrepreneurial sites such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, and Elite Daily.

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