How to Get the Life You Want In 90 Days

What’s your picture of success? I’m not talking about your parents’ idea, or society’s vision for the perfect citizen (shudder). I’m talking about your dream—that insane goal that nobody would believe until you actually did it.

Think about it.

That dream is only a set number of best efforts from being real. And just like Rome was built brick by brick, your good life is a day-by-day project. What’s keeping you from putting up your best brick today?

For most people, the answer is simple: they just don’t know what to do. That was my case.

My decade of drifting

From 15 to 25 I was clueless about the habits I needed to get off my mom’s couch and do something with my life. But, rather than search for the answers, I opted for the easy path. I settled for video games and cigarettes and dead-end relationships and drugs—anything that could distract me from living to my potential.

But when I took my 25th spin around the sun, things changed. My hair started falling out. I was mauled by depression and anxiety. My organs went on strike. It was as if my body and mind teamed together, bought an acme megaphone, and screamed:

“Do better, or you’ll pay!”

I couldn’t experience the pain I was going through any more. And I couldn’t keep doing business as usual…I was falling apart. I even thought about suicide.

But desperation forced me into some good habits.

I started reading the self-help books I had written off for losers. Through Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard and a dozen others, I discovered the secrets to giving my best effort. I studied success every day, and applied what I read to my own life.

It didn’t matter that I still lived with Mom. Brick by brick, day by day, I transformed my life.

I took one habit from Zig, another from Tony, and bits and pieces from successful entrepreneurs around the world. I made a pastiche of daily directives that I could succeed with: like cutting out distractions (social media, email, news), practicing affirmations, journaling; things like that.

With the right habits, my success was inevitable.

I snagged my first writing job within a month. Six months passed and I was full time, saving up to make the final launch from my parents. A year flies by and I’m still airborne, writing for the best companies in the world.

And now? I make more money in an hour than I used to in 2 weeks of waiting tables. I have free time to pursue the things I love and spend time with the people I adore. I don’t have to worry about paying rent anymore, so I get to focus all my energy on improving. I’m getting richer, happier, and more successful every single day.

The best part? I get to share my success with you. That’s why I started MillennialSuccess. I couldn’t be greedy with the value I had when I could help millions of people unleash their potential.

What’s keeping you from your best effort?

Now, back to my first question: what’s keeping you from your best effort today? If it has been a lack of know-how, that excuse ends now.

I’m going to teach you how to take control of your life in 12 short pages—a thirty-minute read. Subscribe to and receive our exclusive e-book ‘9 Directives to Change Your Life in 90 Days’.

I’ve condensed the most useful directives from the world’s leading success experts into one powerful little book.

If you read it today, and if you apply the directives to your own life today, you will be successful today. Not a week from now. Not a month from now, or even a year. To-day. And when you turn these directives into daily habits…you can’t even imagine how good your life will be, or quickly it will come.

Through my e-book, you’ll learn how to apply your best effort to your dream life. You’ll discover how to be disciplined enough to stick with even your loftiest goals. And I guarantee—you’ll be who and where you want to be in one year.

But there’s one small catch.

Part of the unwritten conditions for your subscription is to pay it forward. When you’ve passed a certain level of happiness and wealth, you gotta share what works.

So download your free e-book today. Become the person you always knew you could be. Commit to the directives for 90 days, then get back to us at and share your testimonial.

Your success is our purpose. Cheers!

Written by Daniel Dowling
As a former couch-surfing millennial turned solopreneur writer and coach, I write on massive personal development for sites including Entrepreneur, Fitbit and Fast Company, and I teach ambitious people how to become successful solopreneurs and balanced human beings here at Millennial Success. Thanks for spending your valuable time here with us!!