Parents of Millennials

Parents of millennials

Don’t know whether you’re helping or hurting your at-home adult millennial child? We’ll help you end your frustration with these fail-safe strategies:

Define goals–Goals are the all-important factor for millennial independence. We help you and your child work towards goals for employment, independence, health, and happiness. We help you define timelines, and we devise schedules to ensure your child is independent within a year.

By the end of our coaching program, your child will be a goal-oriented producer in society.

Set expectations–Your child isn’t still at home because he’s fundamentally deficient. It’s his habits. Our consultants will help you define and eliminate the non-productive, confidence-draining habits that are keeping your child from independence: like TV, video games, pornography, and social media. Then we’ll help you set standards for successful habits, like affirmations, journaling, exercise, goal-planning, studying, and working. Simple.

Accountability–Following through with such a life-altering plan is hard. That’s why we check in twice weekly to keep you accountable in upholding your new standards. We help you brainstorm to fix what isn’t working, and to emphasize the positive results.

Our consulting will help your adult millennial child to become a goal-oriented, purpose-driven success. Give them this life changing free ebook to get started

Why we’re qualified

Dan, our founder, was a dependent adult child for 5 years. He developed his coaching strategies while struggling for independence and finding success as a writer. Dan currently writes about millennial success for companies like Fitbit, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, and MindBodyGreen.

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