How many nights do you go to bed feeling dissatisfied with your efforts?
Do you feel like life is slipping in the wrong direction, and that you’re helpless to control it?

I’m Dan Dowling, founder of Millennial Success. And I know where you’re at right now:
feeling anxious, depressed, like your life is totally out of control.

I was in the same spot just a few years back.

It’s no fun – to want freedom so bad, yet to feel trapped in your own life. Like nothing you do makes a difference.

But I’ve got some good news for you. It’s the best news, actually.

You have the ability to turn it all around today

to erase the anxiety about your future, to be so inspired about life that you’re infectious to everyone around you, and to regain every ounce of control you feel like you’ve lost.

Think I’m blowing smoke?

You’re about to discover the secret to the change you’re so hungry for…

In 2014 I had crash-landed back on my Mom’s couch for the fifth time. My ‘true love’ turned out to be a true lie, the breakup stress caused me to lose my health and my job.

I had no money. No confidence. And I seemed to have no options.

My life was one big existential panic attack:

If I couldn’t be happy, what was the point? If I couldn’t be successful, then what the hell was I here for?

I thought I was doomed.

Fast forward to 2018

I’m an award winning contributor for some of the most respected publications in the world, including Entrepreneur Magazine and Fast Company. I’m a trusted coach and mentor to clients including Ivy League grads and Inc 500 executives. I’m in the best shape of my life. And I get paid awesome money to do the work I love best and change people’s lives forever – to live my dream.

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this to give you hope.

If I could make such a remarkable transformation by adopting a ‘Best Effort’ philosophy–being the high-school dropout that I am–then you’re guaranteed to get even better results.

You just have to adopt the ‘Best Effort’ lifestyle for yourself

When I hit my personal rock bottom, which was realizing that I was arguing with my teenage sisters over who’d clean up dog shit that weekend while my peers were getting married and buying houses, I knew I had to change.

My Mom couldn’t change for me…neither my exes nor future partners could change for me.

So I got into self improvement.

I picked up journaling…
daily planning,

and it was all towards the goal of achieving success as a writer.

Then after a couple months into it, I ended one day feeling hopeless because of my lack of progress – like I’d never make it.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, head sunk. And when I looked in the mirror, I asked the most important question of my life:

Did I do my best?

The answer was an emphatic no. And it made me feel horrible!!! – how could I let myself down when I was depending on myself to be successful?

But I didn’t dwell on that feeling.

In fact, I used that personal disgust as motivation to never let myself down like that again. I promised to give my 100% best effort the next day, and planned on avoiding the distractions and thoughts that had sabotaged me.

That next day was the best of my life.

I was still living with Mom, still broke – just like yesterday. But when I ended the day facing myself in the mirror and knowing that I had given my absolute best effort, that I was really in control, I was the happiest, most optimistic person in the world.

And it’s because I had discovered the secret…

Do Your Best!!!

During this time I realized several important truths that changed the course of my life forever:

  • that each day you do your best, you are successful – doesn’t matter where you’re at now
  • that doing your best makes you feel incredible about yourself and gives you tons of confidence and self esteem
  • that nobody gets to determine how much effort you give but you
  • and that if you always give your best, absolutely nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.
So I started planning out one little goal in the bottom left corner of my daily planning page:

Do. Your. Best.

And every day that I avoided distractions, stuck with my ‘best effort’ plan, and checked off that final box, I had the confidence of a billionaire – and, most importantly, I knew that I was walking towards my dreams.

That I was in control.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I used to suffer from anxiety and depression just like you. But when I adopted the Best Effort Lifestyle, and took back control of my life, all those bad feelings just started melting away.

Because when I did my best, I had nothing to be anxious about because I knew where I was going in life.

When I did my best, I had nothing to be depressed about since I was learning and growing, and certain of all the good thing coming my way.

When I did my best, I felt so proud of myself, so sure of myself that my negative thinking disappeared.

And I really, really want you to experience these extraordinary benefits too.

Three months after I adopted the Best Effort Lifestyle, I was writing full time for a major media outlet called the Cheat Sheet, saving up money.

Six months later I was on my own for the first time in my life, landing major publications like MindBodyGreen left and right. A year later I was contributing for elite publications like Entrepreneur, and getting paid a buck and up per word from global companies like Fitbit.

People were so inspired from my story and articles that they reached out to me for coaching. And after helping so many people get their lives back through the ‘Best Effort’ Lifestyle, I started Millennial Success – to give stuck and struggling people hope for a brighter future, and the resources to transform.

If you’ve gotten this far into my coaching page, you’re probably so inspired and uplifted that you’re ready to go all in with this Best Effort Lifestyle.

You’re ready to obliterate the anxiety and depression that’s held you back.
You’re ready to take radical responsibility for giving your best effort, and to never make another excuse.
You’re ready to take control.

And if that really is you, you’re exactly the person I want to work with most. Because you’re the one I can help the most.

Call or text now for your 30-minute introductory session!

I’m having an ‘Eff New Year’s Resolutions’ promotion from now till December 15 where my coaching packages are half off! Because if you really want to change, you’re not going to wait til New Years Day to start giving your best.

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Here are a few testimonials of how
effective the Millennial Success Coaching Program is:

Scott, Albuquerque

“Dan helped me drop 50 pounds in four months. I’d been struggling with pre-diabetes and hypertension for years when I found him through a local athletic club. He gave me the planning tools I needed to stick with a ketogenic diet, and he helped me create an active lifestyle that has given me my confidence and energy back! Now my sons are even working out with me every day. I owe it all to the DD!

Oh–and my doctor smiled for the first time in 10 years when he looked at my post-weightloss numbers.”

Dan: I was so proud of Scott for losing FIVE BOWLING BALLS! and for sticking with it even when he felt like it was impossible. Super grateful for this client–and for him inviting me out for an amazing holiday weekend with his family at their lake house. (The cliff diving was phenomenal!)

Acela, Ohio

“I just finished ten weeks of Millennial Success Coaching with Dan and I feel amazing! I thought I was hiring him just to help me start a writing career, and I got so much more! I got the transformation I’ve been needing to get me to a place where I feel incredibly confident and unstoppable because his program helped me learn to encourage and love myself constantly, and to give my best no matter what!

I believe in myself and in my value more than ever. Dan always knew what I needed to help me level up in ways I didn’t think I was capable of. He knows exactly what you need to put you on the path of being the best version of yourself! That’s where I am now, and I couldn’t have done it without Dan’s coaching.”

Dan: Acela was such a treat to work with! She followed the daily routines to a T and saw incredibly transformative results instantly because of it. It was also a beautiful thing to see someone who’d never practiced self love break her barriers and learn how to be 100% encouraging and supportive of herself.

Alexandra J, San Diego

“If Daniel Dowling fell into your lap, consider it a blessing and a sign from the Universe that you’re ready to take a giant leap forward in your personal development. The tools, guidance, encouragement and unbiased advice from Danny was like pressing the ‘fast-forward’ button on my life! Get ready to be transformed.”

Dan: I absolutely loved working with Alex because she just consumed the self-improvement advice and really made it part of her lifestyle–especially the journaling, daily planning, and podcasts! Now she’s a self-improvement machine and doing her own wellness coaching 🙂

Julia D, New Hampshire

“Dan is an extremely knowledgeable and uplifting coach. He helped to change my perspective in many areas of my life, and encouraged me to reach for my dreams, no matter how fearful I was. His style of goal setting constantly challenged me and motivated me to want to do and achieve more every day.

I learned and grew so much in his program: I got a promotion at work, launched my Coach site, started to write and share my writing, had weekly breakthroughs with my own clients, even lost weight and started to love and crave exercise! Above all, I got a confidence in myself, my work and my worth that I never had before.

I’m happy to call Dan a friend now and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my new and improved me, and for my Coaching business. Thank you, Dan!”

Dan: One year later, Julia, who’s now my friend, is currently re-enrolled in the writer’s coaching program and is busy stacking up her major publications!!!


Call or text now for your 30-minute introductory session!!! (Seriously, the ‘Eff New Year’s Resolutions’ promotion ends really soon, and you’ll have to pay double!)

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Here are some more success stories from my coaching clients:

Akesh M. San Antonio

“I notice a great difference in the way I do things and even in the ways that I think after I finished this program. It gives me immense confidence and also makes me comfortable with change and being uncomfortable. I thank you very much for all of this Dan!!!”

Linda P, Chicago

“I was finally able to make the changes I longed for, thanks to my amazing, gifted & highly knowledgeable coach! Daniel gave me the directives I needed to move me forward. He kept me accountable. He encouraged me, and we celebrated my successes along the way. I made a commitment to my transformation but I couldn’t have done it without his help & inspiration. You’re a gift & a blessing dude! Love you!”

Kimanzi Constable: Four-time author and global consultant

“Reading Daniel Dowling’s article and thoughts about spending a single year changed my perspective and the direction of my future. I have been in relationships since I was 15 years old. After the end of a toxic relationship, I was looking to jump into the next relationship because it was all I knew.

His article was my wake up call. What he said made so much sense, and I could see that I would never find true love until I found it in myself. For me to love and be with someone else, I realized that I needed one year alone to work through my issues.

It’s been seven months and my life is completely different. I’ve lost 113 pounds, I’ve repaired my relationship with my kids, and my business is better than it’s ever been. I owe Daniel so much. He is the real deal and a mentor that I will learn from for years to come. Take his advice. Hire him as your coach. Spending a year single is life-changing.”

Jen, California

“Daniel, I just want to say thank you for calling me out yesterday. Felt so good to do all the things I’d been procrastinating on—I can definitely see the benefit now and I’m feeling like I’m on track because of your hard-but-true words. I’m also feeling so excited and motivated to get out on my own. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not giving up on me and for kicking my ass when I needed it!”

Tracy F, Goa India

“I believe that when you really ask for help…the universe answers. After battling self esteem issues, destructive relationships and heading towards a general breakdown, I stumbled upon Daniel’s coaching. His ideas about love and relationships are exactly what the world needs today. I’ve started my healing journey with Daniel and I couldn’t be more thankful—he helped me turn my life around. I was withering away inside but now I have rediscovered my talents and am blooming again. Daniel, you are changing the world one person at a time! God bless you. You are my miracle!”

Wayne, Massachusetts

“This has been a complete life 180—in my marriage, in my job, in my personal life. I couldn’t have done any of this without Dan’s coaching.”

Mara, Canada

“Dan has given me the tools I need to make fearless and intelligent decisions, like signing up for public speaking courses on my own initiative, and pursuing the career I’m passionate about. I never would have done this without the planning and mindfulness tools that he taught me. Dan also helped me regain my confidence, which has strengthened every single one of my relationships. I used to feel so much judgement from my parents and family. But now I can see how proud they are of me–of how much I’ve grown as a person in such a short time. I can’t thank Dan enough for his incredible coaching service. It’s truly life-changing.”

Karina R, California

“Daniel, thank you for the coaching sessions. I can’t put into words the sense of goodness that I feel after speaking with you. This was the best thing I could’ve done for myself–looking forward to the next session!”

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