Angie came to me crying. She was successful in her career, fit, and beautiful, but she’d been having emotional breakdowns every day for a year. So she looked for fulfillment in relationships. And each one left her more miserable and ungrounded than she was before.

Her therapist wasn’t helping. She didn’t know where to turn to. But then she read one of my articles. 

After our first week together, Angie sent me this message:

“Dear God, Dan. What a difference an hour with you has made! I have my life back!!! PS–I broke up with my therapist.”

What was the difference?

I helped Angie make a habit of denying every negative thought that came along, like “I’ll never be enough.” And instead of spiraling into an emotional breakdown, her negative thoughts became reminders to love and accept herself. She stopped crying after the first day. And by the end of the week, she was experiencing authentic happiness and security for the first time in years.

With the self-coaching skills I taught her, Angie has become her own coach and best friend. She has mastered her thoughts and emotions. She’s putting her time and energy into self improvement and long range goals–not dead end relationships. And she’s using her expertise in the medical field to start a consulting business of her own.

Are you ready for a life 180?

With my coaching, your every week becomes a breakthrough week. Here’s how it works:

Accountability  After our hourlong coaching sessions, I keep you accountable in your fitness goals, career goals, happiness goals, relationships goals, and self improvement goals. Could be a text or email. Could be a quick call. Whatever it is, I’m in your corner, motivating you, brainstorming solutions, and helping you to coach yourself.

Success Rituals  I share the exact steps that took me to the upper echelons of the writing world in just a few years. (I started on my mom’s couch!) You’ll learn everything there is to know about journaling, affirmations, mindfulness, note-taking, eliminating bad habits, mastering your passions, and scheduling your time. By the end of our sessions, success will be automatic for you.

Goal Setting  The most valuable skill you’ll learn from my coaching is goal setting. Our initial session begins with a brainstorming session where we figure out the long-term goals you can stick with: for fitness,  career, relationships, happiness, spirituality. Then I guide you in setting realistic weekly and daily missions that will make your dreams a reality. I gradually give you more and more responsibility for kicking your own ass (see below) and setting challenging goals. And by the end, you will automatically come up with the steps that advance your dreams. It’s a lifestyle.

Ass-kicking  Let’s face it. You’re looking for a coach because you haven’t been kicking your own ass. I give you weekly challenges–from social media cleanses to TV fasts–that disrupt your old habits and supercharge your focus for the week’s goals. By week 4, you’re involved in setting your own weekly ass-kicking challenges. By week 12, you’ll have developed the discipline and focus to become someone else’s coach.

Encouragement  This is the one intangible that I offer: I know when to push you and when to pull back. And since I get to know all of my clients like I would my own friends, I can sense when you need a lift–and where you need the most help.

I can’t solve your problems. But I can help you organize your life and develop the confidence and habits to solve them yourself. And along the way, I’ll give you the encouragement and tools you need to make every week a breakthrough week.

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Testimonials from coaching clients

I was finally able to make the changes I longed for, thanks to my amazing, gifted & highly knowledgeable coach! Daniel gave me the directives I needed to move me forward. He kept me accountable. He encouraged me, and we celebrated my successes along the way. I made a commitment to my transformation but I couldn’t have done it without his help & inspiration. You’re a gift & a blessing dude! Love you!–Linda P

“I believe that when you really ask for help…the universe answers. After battling self esteem issues, destructive relationships and heading towards a general breakdown, I stumbled upon Daniel’s article on Elite daily. I felt as if it was written for me. His writing spoke to me in a way that really changed my perspective

I’ve done my share of reading books on relationships, self help and building self esteem, but nothing seemed to work. One article of Daniel’s made all the difference.

His ideas about love and relationships are exactly what the world needs today. I’ve started my healing journey with Daniel and I couldn’t be more thankful—he helped me turn my life around. I was withering away inside but now I have rediscovered my talents and am blooming again. Daniel, you are changing the world one person at a time! God bless you . You are my miracle!”  Tracy F, Senior Physiotherapist at Goa Cricket Association

“Daniel, thank you for the coaching sessions. I can’t put into words the sense of goodness that I feel after speaking with you. It’s been years of angst and you got right to what I needed to hear and affirmed my rightful spirit. Thank you. This was the best thing I could’ve done for myself–looking forward to the next session!” Karina R.


Call now for your free 15 minute consultation: (405) 254-7911

Or book by email:


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