Whether you’re a single parent or spouse, CEO, student, professional, or are simply looking to unlock the most joyful and successful version of yourself, everyone can use help achieving their goals. (Even Richard Branson has a mentor!)

But there’s one thing standing in the way of the life you want…

Low-value habits

  • Unlimited Facebook, TV-watching, emails, and texts;
  • hanging around toxic partners and friends;
  • pointless meetings;
  • browsing endless news clips, and reading article after article on self improvement…

These things are silently killing your better self, no matter how successful you are!

If you can’t stand mediocrity any longer, if you can’t wait another day for the the happier you, you need an action plan that emphasizes your highest value activities and eliminates the low-value drains. And you need accountability.

That’s my specialty.

Today I write for the top entrepreneurial and self-improvement sites in the world while coaching hundreds of people to success in their business and personal lives. I get people “un-stuck” for a living. But five years ago, I was just another lost millennial who couldn’t get off his mom’s couch.

The difference?

I got real about the habits and mindsets which made my life pathetic. Buh-bye, toxic relationships. Sayonara, limitless social media and email checks. After reigning in just a few of these habits, committing to success rituals like journaling and meditation, and setting daily goals for my purpose and career, I tasted my first sips of success.

Fast forward four years and I coach successful professionals from around the world to be the most balanced, rich, productive, happy and energetic versions of themselves possible.

Who can benefit from my coaching?

My client list ranges from doctors to nurses, Inc 500 CEOs to solo entrepreneurs, sales professionals to single mothers, and recently heartbroken people those struggling in their relationships—anyone who needs help becoming a balanced and happy human being. I guarantee results because I’m the best at what I do and because I’m selective in the clients I take on. (Testimonials below.)

Are you a fit for my coaching program?

If you can follow instructions, have a track record of success, are willing to sacrifice your low-value habits for a better life, and are committed to adopting proven success rituals, then I will guarantee you the results you want in working with a coach.

You also need to be down with having about 500% more fun than you’ve been getting. My clients thank me for helping them get back into their passions of surfing, rock climbing, water skiing, golfing, basketball, horseback riding, dancing, writing, swimming, fishing, volleyball, and countless other joyful activities.

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How the coaching works

My coaching is simple and effective. It starts with a custom questionnaire that dives deep into your long range goals – career, fun, relationships, fitness, spirituality – and also into your biggest time-wasters and emotional blocks. That’s our blueprint for your weekly breakthroughs in our time together:

Low value: out
High value: in

After we come up with your long and mid-range goals, I help you establish a system of habits and routines that support your long-term vision: 


  • Affirmations
  • Goal setting and daily planning
  • Meditation
  • Journaling, and
  • Note Taking

Together with a proprietary daily routine, these five habits work to revolutionize your decision making and quality of life.

Through affirmations, gratitude, and self-encouragement, you’ll adopt the positive mindset you need to push past self-doubt and to tackle transformative goals.

In long-term goal setting and daily planning, you’ll finally accomplish the lifestyle changes and goals that make life worth living.

Through mindfulness meditation you’ll bring awareness and focus to everything you do.

By journaling you’ll solve your problems and figure out exactly what’s working and what’s holding you back so that you can consistently plan for a better tomorrow.

And in note-taking with a series of organized folders, you’ll harness all of the creativity and breakthrough ideas that normally slip through the cracks and go forgotten.

Each of these habits supports and energizes the others, and the end result is you making breakthroughs in every area of your life, every day.

The system I teach you creates a positive feedback loop that will change your life forever: 

Inspiration leads to action. Action leads to accomplishment. And accomplishment leads to more inspiration – which keeps the cycle going for as long as you put in the work!!!

Speaking of work, 50% of my job is keeping you accountable to your daily goals. The other half is teaching you how to become your own coach through my system of affirmations, daily planning, meditation, journaling, and note taking. It’s so effective that it works for anyone who dedicates themselves to it.

Will it work for you?

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Wayne, Massachussets

“This has been a complete life 180—in my marriage, in my job, in my personal life. I couldn’t have done any of this without Dan’s coaching.”

Alexandra J, San Diego

“If Daniel Dowling fell into your lap, consider it a blessing and a sign from the Universe that you’re ready to take a giant leap forward in your personal development. The tools, guidance, encouragement and unbiased advice from Danny was like pressing the ‘fast-forward’ button on my life! Get ready to be transformed.”

Kimanzi Constable: Four-time author and global consultant

“Reading Daniel Dowling’s article and thoughts about spending a single year changed my perspective and the direction of my future. I have been in relationships since I was 15 years old. After the end of a toxic relationship, I was looking to jump into the next relationship because it was all I knew.

His article was my wake up call. What he said made so much sense, and I could see that I would never find true love until I found it in myself. For me to love and be with someone else, I realized that I needed one year alone to work through my issues.

It’s been seven months and my life is completely different. I’ve lost 113 pounds, I’ve repaired my relationship with my kids, and my business is better than it’s ever been. I owe Daniel so much. He is the real deal and a mentor that I will learn from for years to come. Take his advice. Hire him as your coach. Spending a year single is life-changing.”

Julia D, New Hampshire

“I’m an aspiring health and lifestyle coach and getting to experience Dan’s coaching has skyrocketed my self-improvement and my own coaching skills in so many ways.

Dan’s articles spoke to me and as I implemented the rituals he suggested, I experienced great improvements and a hunger for more. Within our first call, I signed up for his program right away. It was the best decision I made for myself. Dan is knowledgeable and positive; he helped to change my perspective in many areas of my life, and encouraged me to reach for my dreams, no matter how fearful I was.

His style of goal setting constantly challenged me and motivated me to want to do and achieve more every day. I learned and grew so much in the 8 weeks of his program: I got a promotion at work, launched my Coach site, started to write and share my writing, had weekly breakthroughs with my own clients, even lost weight and started to love and crave exercise! Above all, I got a confidence in myself, my work and my worth that I never had before.

I’m happy to call Dan a friend now and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my new and improved me, and for my Coaching business. Thank you, Dan!”

Jen, California

“Daniel, I just want to say thank you for calling me out yesterday. Felt so good to do all the things I’d been procrastinating on—I can definitely see the benefit now and I’m feeling like I’m on track because of your hard-but-true words. I’m also feeling so excited and motivated to get out on my own. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not giving up on me and for kicking my ass when I needed it!”

Linda P, Chicago

“I was finally able to make the changes I longed for, thanks to my amazing, gifted & highly knowledgeable coach! Daniel gave me the directives I needed to move me forward. He kept me accountable. He encouraged me, and we celebrated my successes along the way. I made a commitment to my transformation but I couldn’t have done it without his help & inspiration. You’re a gift & a blessing dude! Love you!”

Tracy F, Goa India

“I believe that when you really ask for help…the universe answers. After battling self esteem issues, destructive relationships and heading towards a general breakdown, I stumbled upon Daniel’s coaching. His ideas about love and relationships are exactly what the world needs today. I’ve started my healing journey with Daniel and I couldn’t be more thankful—he helped me turn my life around. I was withering away inside but now I have rediscovered my talents and am blooming again. Daniel, you are changing the world one person at a time! God bless you. You are my miracle!”

Karina R, California

“Daniel, thank you for the coaching sessions. I can’t put into words the sense of goodness that I feel after speaking with you. This was the best thing I could’ve done for myself–looking forward to the next session!”

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